Equipe Staf14 Safety Stirrups
Equipe Safety Stirrups
Characterised by their aesthetic lightness and a simple safety release system that features no hooks, magnets or springs, the Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are the ultimate functional equestrian accessory.
The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are born from the idea of creating a functional accessory, with clean and elegant lines, and yet original in its innovation and design. Eye-catching styling, these stirrup feature an innovative simple release system. This system has no springs, hooks or magnets that are at risk of breaking or getting stuck, and does not require any tools to restore to it's original positioning after a fall. The fixed main gullet of these Equipe Stirrups is made in Ergal, chosen for its mechanical properties, which is far superior to all other aluminium alloys. These high performing stirrups feature a mobile silicone arm which is securely engaged at the top into a built-in pin on the fixed gullet, which releases under pressure during a fall. The lower section of this silicone arm is set between the stirrup tread and gullet. which is designed to prevent it from loosening under conditions of normal use, but in case of a fall, it can be easily extracted. The carefully crafted stirrup treads have unique slots for removing sand from boots, with a texture that increases grip. This helps to ensure optimum security and stability throughout use.
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QHP Peacock Safety Stirrup
QHP Peacock Safety Stirrup
  This safety stirrup makes sure the foot of the rider will not get stuck in the stirrup during a fall. The elastic ring on the side should disconnect due to the pressure. Different colour treads and rings available.
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QHP Peacock Stirrup Elastic Rings
QHP Peacock Stirrup Elastic Rings
Set of rubber rings which will brighten up your safety stirrups. The rings should disconnect during a fall and prevent the foot of getting stuck in the stirrup. Treads to match also available
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QHP Stirrup Treads
QHP Stirrup Treads
Set of rubber treads which will brighten up your stirrups. The treads feature a thread for a good grip and are easy to attach to the stirrup. Peacock stirrup rings to match also available
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Rhinegold Flexi-Irons With Treads
Rhinegold Flexi-Irons With Treads
Stainless steel irons with rubber covered flexion joints to absorb impact   These are fantastic if you have had knee, ankle or foot injuries.
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Sprenger Bow Balance Safety Stirrups
Sprenger Bow Balance Safety Stirrups
The advantages of the Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups:
  • bow form for a perfect fit
  • superb strength and enhanced security
  • pivoting into 4 directions simultaneously
  • maximum comfort
  • tread with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip
  • softens the impact on cartilage and ligaments
  • wide tread for a perfect balance
The bow that puts you on a winning curve. The internationally approved System 4 technology of these stirrups can support the release of the foot in case of an emergency. Flexible in 4 directions it softens the impact on the rider‘s cartilage and ligaments without creating an unstable feeling for the rider. Bow Balance design provides easy “pick up“ upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider’s part – a simple touch of the foot to the stirrup and it gently folds onto the rider’s foot.
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