Anatomical Fuchsia with Pink Girth


Brown with Whiskey Wool Short Crescent Girth
Short Crescent Girth
Short Crescent Girth
Whiskey coloured girth











Eurofit Saddle Pads


Black Dressage Eurofit
Black with Burgundy Wool Eurofit GP







Black Jump Eurofit
Black with Burgundy Rear Trim GP Eurofit
Black GP Eurofit with Grey Sheepskin
Black GP Eurofit with Sand Sheepkin
Black with White Sheepskin
Blue GP Eurofit with Platinum Wool
Blue with Red sheepskin
Blackberry Sheen
Blueberry Jump Eurofit Saddle Pad
Burgundy with Natural Sheepskin trim
Burgundy with Sand Sheepskin trim jump eurofit
Burgundy with Black Trim
Burgundy Jump with Khaki Sheepskin
Burgundy with Natural sheepskin

Champagne Eurofit Dressage Saddle Pad
Champagne Velvet
Cinnamon Velvet with Dark Grey
Classic Green with White sheepskin
Correction Pocket Saddle Pad in Turquoise with Navy Sheepskin
Curry Dressage Eurofit




Dressage Eurofit Blueberry with Blackberry Sheepskin
Dressage Graphite with Pink Sheepskin
Ecru Dressage Eurofit with Natural sheepskin
Ecru GP Eurofit with Ochre Sheepskin

Fuchsia with Graphite Sheepskin
Fuchsia with Pink Sheepskin
Fuchsia with Platinum Sheepskin
Fuchsia with Linen Sheepskin Semi Lined with Front strips
Fuchsia with White Sheepskin
Graphite Jump Eurofit with Pink Sheepskin

Green with red binding
Grey Eurofit dressage
Grey with Blue sheepskin lining and trim
Grey with Graphite Sheepskin lining and trim
Grey with Petrol Sheepskin
Grey with Pink sheepskin trim
Grey with Red sheepskin


Jump Eurofit in Burgundy
Khaki Dressage eurofit


Light Blue with Grey Sheepskin
Navy Jump eurofit
Navy with Natural sheepskin
Navy with Navy Sheepskin
Navy Velvet with Natural Sheepskin trim
Ocean Eurofit Dressage Pad
Orange Dressage with Navy Sheepskin Trim
Orange Show Jumping with Brown Sheepskin trim
Orchidee Pink
Eurofit Dressage beautiful Orchid Pink
Petrol with Grey Sheepskin Trim
Petrol with Dark Grey Sheepskin
Royal Blue with Grey Sheepskin Trim GP Eurofit
Royal Blue with Natural Sheepskin Trim



Gorgeous Jump Safari Saddle Pad with Navy
Silver Eurofit with Ice Blue Sheepskin
Silver Dressage Eurofit
Titan with Linen Sheepskin
Titan dressage eurofit
Turquoise with Grey sheepskin Jump Eurofit
Turquoise Eurofit Dressage with Light Blue sheepskin trim
Turquoise eurofit dressage with navy sheepskin trim
Turquoise with Royal Blue Sheepskin Trim
Turquoise quilt with White sheepskin
Velvet Black Dressage Eurofit with Natural Sheepskin
















Velvet Black with Pink Sheepskin





















Velvet Black with Red Sheepskin Dressage style Eurofit
Black Velvet with Natural Sheepskin trim
Velvet Green Eurofit Dressage
Velvet Silver with Pink Sheepskin trim
Velvet Slate with Ice Blue Sheepskin Trim


Velvet Slate with Aqua binding
Velvet Slate with Burgundy Sheepskin
Velvet Slate Dressage



Velvet White with White SHeepskin
Velvet White with White Sheepskin and Correction pockets
Violet with Dark Grey Sheepskin
White Dressage eurofit
velvet white
White with White sheepskin
White Jump eurofit with Natural Sheepskin
White dressage eurofit
White Dressage Eurofit
White Jump pad
White with Navy Sheepskin
Show Jumping style Eurofit White with Silver Binding











Square Saddle Pads

Black Dressage Square
Black with Black Sheepskin Trim jump square
Black with Royal Blue sheepskin Dressage square










Blue with Light Blue Sheepskin trim



Blue with Light Blue and Turquoise details





Blueberry with Blackberry Sheepskin
Burgundy dressage square
Burgundy GP Square with Burgundy sheepskin









Navy with Whiskey sheepskin trim
Cherry Red Dressage square
Grey Dressage square with black and gold piping
Petrol Sheen with Petrol trim
Silver Velvet dressage square
Velvet White Square with Grey Sheepskin Trim
Navy Dressage Square

















White GP Square with grey sheepskin trim
Jump Burgundy with Natural sheepskin











Velvet Burgundy with Coral sheepskin
Violet with Dark Grey Wool
Violet with White sheepskin trim



Taupe with Brown Sheepskin
White Dressage square with Gold and Silver Pipings















White Square Saddle Pad with Saddle Shaped Trim












Other Saddle Pad

Spanish brown pad


Black Under pad with matching half pad and ear bonnet
Black and Red under pad with matching half pad
Black saddle pad with royal blue details with matching ears and nose band cover
Emerald and Black Mattes Ears and Pad










Black velvet saddle pad with red details including matching ears and nose band cover











Super cute Pony set in Navy with Burgundy




Half Pads

Black and Whiskey Half Pad

Black Sheepskin Half Pad



Black Half Pad with Natural Sheepskin and Correction System
Fully lined half pad


Velvet Black Half Pad with Pink Sheepskin and correction system
Blue quilt with Navy Sheepskin
Brown Half Pad with Grey binding




















Burgundy with Brown Sheepskin and Correction pockets
Burgundy Dressage Half Pad with Natural sheepskin and correction system
Burgundy with Grey Wool and Binding
Graphite grey half pad
Graphite Grey with Linen Wool













Grey Half Pad









Emerald and Mint Half pad


Fuchsia half pad with platinum sheepskin and blackberry binding







Navy with Burgundy Sheepskin





Green with Whiskey Sheepskin and Correction system






Grey with pink sheepskin






Navy with Natural sheepskin and correction system
Silver Half Pad
Taupe Half Pad with Linen sheepskin

















White half pad








Violet with Green Sheepskin
Velvet Silver with Black sheepskin
Velvet Silver with silver sheepskin






Semi Lined with Saddle Shaped Trim Jump Numnah

Fully Lined Self edge numnah
Black with natural wool
Green Numnah with Correction system
Royal Blue Numnah fully lined with Natural Sheepskin

Ear Bonnets

Violet with Titan Ears
Burgundy with Black Ears
White with Grey Ears
Mattes Safari Ear Bonnet
Mattes Emerald Ear Bonnet








Black ears



















Mattes Dressage boots hard shell
sheepskin lining


sheepskin lining













Sheepskin lining

Half Pad Natural Sheepskin lining.
Grey sheepskin half pad
Mint sheepskin lining
Navy Sheepskin Lining
Pink sheepskin lining
Semi Lined Saddle Pad with strips at the front






























Semi Lined Saddle Pad with strips at the front Natural


Semi Lined Numnah










Piping Combinations

Titan with Violet Binding – silver and purple pipings.
Grey binding with white and silver piping on velvet white
Velvet Slate with Petrol
Silver and Ice blue piping on black
White binding with blueberry and white piping

Velvet Black with Red and Gold


Grey and white piping with grey binding
Raspberry, pink and white piping.
Royal blue and yellow piping
Orange, white and petrol piping
White and Champagne piping
Navy, Petrol and Silver piping
Orange, Silver and Navy




Velvet Black with Pink details
Safari ear bonnet with navy, champagne and red details