Amazing quality Back on Track made with their own Welltex fabric.

This brilliant brands offers beautiful items that offer infrared technology.
Developed in Sweden, this fantastic technology helps to reduce injuries and swelling.

Sale! Back on Track Night Collection Ear Bonnet
Back on Track Night Collection Ear Bonnet
Night collection Horse Bonnet with Welltex®. Elegant and classical bonnet with champagne details. Breathable for a good feeling. Elastic material for a great fit around the ears. Lined with Welltex® witch may help to release tensions in the neck area. Perfect for training, competition and hacking in the woods or during transportation. These are a good full size ears, bigger than any other Full size we stock.  Please contact us to pre order Cob size.
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Sale! Back on Track Night Collection Fleece Bandages
Back on Track Night Collection Fleece Bandages
Nights Collection Fleece Bandages - set of 4 bandages Elegant and classic polo wraps to make your dream outfit come true. Polo wraps can be bought separately or together with the matching saddle pad and ear bonnet. Made without mineral infusion so you can use your outfit during neutralizing periods or together with our standard pads for the Welltex® effect. Ruby only!
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Sale! Back on Track Royal Quick Wrap
Back on Track Royal Quick Wrap
The Back on Track® Quick Wrap Royal is one of our most popular products, providing leg support and the benefit of Welltex™ in a close fitting, easy to apply wrap. The soft, padded Welltex™ lining is held close to the leg for maximum benefit, while the sturdy neoprene outer conforms to the shape of the leg. The wrap is held in place with three robust hook and loop straps round the leg and one under fetlock strap for optimum support. These wraps can be used in the stable or while travelling and are ideal for comfort and recovery after hard work or competition. Sold in pairs Available in four sizes - more colours are expected around February/March 2019.
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