Equipe Emporio Stirrup Leathers
Equipe Emporio Stirrup Leathers
These high quality leathers are nylon lined with a soft Italian leather outer which makes them non stretch and very durable, with stainless steel buckles. they come in either Black or Brown, and in three different lengths 140cm,145cm and 160cm
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Equipe Staf14 Safety Stirrups
Equipe Safety Stirrups
Characterised by their aesthetic lightness and a simple safety release system that features no hooks, magnets or springs, the Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are the ultimate functional equestrian accessory.
The Equipe STAF14 Safety Stirrups are born from the idea of creating a functional accessory, with clean and elegant lines, and yet original in its innovation and design. Characterised by their aesthetic lightness and eye-catching styling, these stirrup feature an innovative simple release system. This system has no springs, hooks or magnets that are at risk of breaking or getting stuck, and does not require any tools to restore to it's original positioning after a fall. The fixed main gullet of these Equipe Stirrups is made in Ergal, chosen for its mechanical properties, which is far superior to all other aluminium alloys. These high performing stirrups feature a mobile silicone arm which is securely engaged at the top into a built-in pin on the fixed gullet, which releases under pressure during a fall. The lower section of this silicone arm is set between the stirrup tread and gullet. which is designed to prevent it from loosening under conditions of normal use, but in case of a fall, it can be easily extracted. The carefully crafted stirrup treads have unique slots for removing sand from boots, with a texture that increases grip. This helps to ensure optimum security and stability throughout use.
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Equipe Soft Care
Equipe Soft Care
Equipe Soft Care is a deep leather cleansing and conditioning product to be used on a regular basis on your leather saddles and bridles.
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