Sale! Botanica Natural Herbal Cream
Botanica Natural Herbal Cream
Botanica’s Natural Herbal Cream can be beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions i.e.: cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked sore heels etc. Wounds recover very quickly. It helps keep skin texture smooth and supple. It relaxes sore tendons and soothes muscular aches. The cream contains a natural insect repellent. Instructions: After using the Botanica Cleansing Wash, apply the cream twice daily.
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Sale! Botanica Small Animal Care Cream (125ml)
Botanica Small Animal Care Cream (125ml)
Wash the area with the Botanica Cleansing Wash first diluting approx. 20:1 (Do not rinse/wash off) and apply the Botanica Small Animal Care Cream twice daily. Brilliant for aiding in the recovery of itchy/ irritated skin
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Sale! Botanica Sweet-Itch Anti-Itch Cream
Botanica Sweet-Itch Anti-Itch Cream
Botanica Anti-Itch Cream - perfect for sweet itch. 550ml Anti-Itch Cream.
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Cavalor CoolSens
Cavalor CoolSens
Cavalor® CoolSens is the ideal wellness treatment if you want to spoil your horse after a heavy effort or simply on a hot summer day. Enjoy quality time together and watch your horse recuperate and dry fast with a brilliant shine. In Cavalor® CoolSens we use essential oils such as Menthol, Eucalyptus radiata and Tea Tree Oil. Menthol and Eucalyptus have a miraculous effect on the sensory nerves by stimulating those that produce a cool, soothing sensation to refresh tired, aching legs. Furthermore, they inhibit a specific pain receptor, making them an effective topical analgesic. In addition to its local cooling and pain-relieving properties, menthol can speed up the healing by dilating blood vessels. This increases blood flow to the affected area, which is an important factor in alleviating muscle and joint soreness. Cavalor® CoolSens is pH neutral and won't irritate the skin. Thanks to the addition of Tea Tree, the product is also ideal for treating minor abrasions.
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Cavalor SW-ITCH, 500ml
Cavalor SW-ITCH, 500ml
CAVALOR SwItch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skin irritations, also known as summer eczema. Summer eczema is the result of an allergic reaction to the saliva of a mosquito, which is primarily active around sunrise and sunset during the warmer months (from March until October). This reaction causes an itch that does not stop and results in chafing. Not all horses are allergic to this mosquito³, which is why reactions vary from horse to horse. Breeds such as Icelanders, Shire, Welsh ponies and Frisians appear to be more sensitive to the allergy, and some bloodlines also show a higher susceptibility than others, which is to say that an allergic reaction is genetically determined. Feed adjustments can also influence the reactions. Limiting the amount of protein and increasing the administration of Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive influence. For this we highly recommend Wholegain. A miracle injection against this allergy does not exist, so preventing contact with this mosquito is the message. Cavalor SwItch keeps this evildoer at a distance, and you can keep the itch under control, so that your horse will not be plagued by an incessant itch.
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Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve
Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve
Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve is embedded with active elements (Carbon & Germanium) that work to increase circulation; resulting in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, stiffness, and accelerating recovery. Incrediwear’s active elements are semi-conductors, stimulated by body heat that begin working immediately once the product is put on. On average, Incrediwear takes only 20 minutes to feel the difference and bring relief. The Ankle Sleeve increases circulation to accelerate recovery, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation from symptoms affiliated with: Arthritis, Tendonitis, impact injuries, tendon tears, over-exercise injuries, all ankle sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, achy joints, and stiffness.   Select size base on shoe size - S/M - UK 4-7 L - UK 8-12
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Incrediwear Circulation Gloves
Incrediwear Circulation Gloves
Incrediwear Circulation (Fingerless) Gloves are designed to help increase circulation in the hands and wrist area. The Incrediwear Circulation Gloves combine natural circulation enhancing elements embedded in the fabric fibers of the the Circulation Gloves to vibrate the cellular walls. This promotes increased circulation to help reduce pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation. Circulation Gloves increase circulation to accelerate recovery, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation from symptoms affiliated with: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and Raynaud’s syndrome. Choose Size BASED ON WIDTH OF PALM - Small 3" Medium 3.5" and Large 4.5"
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Incrediwear Knee Sleeve
Incrediwear Knee Sleeve
The world’s only knee support that can increase blood flow and oxygen by up to 17% for faster recovery from injury or surgery. Our Incrediwear knee sleeves can reduce your pain, decrease swelling or stiffness whilst increasing flexibility. Incrediwear knee supports will provide relief within minutes and provide extra joint support for sprains, meniscus tears, tendonitis and arthritis. Incrediwear supports are antimicrobial, odour absorbing and moisture wicking. Measure 2" above the kneecap, using the circumference of your thigh for size. Medium 12-14" Large 14.5-16" XL 16.5-21" XXL 21.5-24" PACKAGE CONTAINS ONE KNEE SLEEVE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ON MEASURING: When measuring, be sure to pay close attention to the sizing chart. For example; L vs. XL. If your measurement is closer to 16″ instead of 16.5″, then choose Large. If your measurement is right on 16.5″ still choose Large because XL is anything from 16.5″ to 21″, meaning your measurement must be above 16.5″ before choosing XL. This should make it so the sleeve is snug and does not slip down.
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QHP Aqua Boots
QHP Aqua Boots
Some horses suffer from dry, crumbly hooves. An aqua boot can help to moisten the hooves and prevent crumbling. Three layers of moisture absorbing material slowly disperse the moisture to the hooves. Available in a set of two boots.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Set of two aqua boots which prevents hooves from crumbling
  • Features three layers of moisture retaining layers on the inside
  • Simply submerge the boot in water to make it ready for use
  • The inside slowly disperses moisture to the hoof
  • Can be fastened in the same way as a bell boot
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RHEVA Wound Protection Extra Attachment Combo Pack
RHEVA Wound Protection Extra Attachment Combo Pack

The RHEVA Wound Protection Extra Attachment is designed to be used with the RHEVA Plaster when additional security is required. It is ideal for 'awkward' areas, or those prone to larger amounts of movement.

Please note, the black RHEVA Wound Plaster shown in the images is not included.
This set includes 2 small and 2 large
a small items o please feel free to ask for an international postage quote
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RHEVA Wound Protection Plaster Combo Pack
RHEVA Wound Protection Plaster Combo Pack
RHEVA is an innovative wound protection plaster that has been engineered to allows wounds to heal naturally. The plaster is shaped to sit away from the wound, with a 'net' that protects it from the elements, insects and dirt, while allowing airflow to encourage it to heal naturally.
This combo pack includes 2 x small and 2 x large plasters.
It can be easily stuck over the wound thanks to the adhesive around the edge, and it's versatility allows to to be used on animals of all sizes, as well as humans, and all materials are medically classified. The flexible plastic makes it great for using on wounds in 'awkward' areas, or places where other dressing may not stay in place.Allowing wounds to heal in a gentle way, without having to completely cover them over, makes RHEVA the perfect solution for proactive wound management. On areas where there is a lot of movement, such as the knee, an additional attachment (available separately Here) may be required. This provides additional adhesive over a larger area to secure the RHEVA in place.
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Shapley’s No.2 Heavy Oil is a wonderfully rich, deep conditioning oil. It is a great intensive oil treatment used either cold or heated to add needed oils back to skin, coat, mane and tail. It adds shine back to dried and damaged skin and hair while softening and adding vitality. Professional grooms recommend using Shapley’s No.2 Heavy Oil as a treatment after body clipping to condition skin, remove dandruff, restore the hair’s natural colour and remove any loose hair. It is particularly useful to rug the horse afterwards and allow the heat from their body to help the oil deeply condition the coat and skin. Your horse’s coat will never look healthier.
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