Six Months of owning my Second Horse

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Obviously, I’m horse mad. Always loved them and have been involved in some way for most of my life. I even have photos of my first horse ride. I was about 3 or 4 with my grandparents going around on a pony in a small white dress. Safe to say, I don’t intend on riding my girlies in a small white dress, anytime soon.

But it wasn’t until 2014 that we purchased our first horse. I say ours, as the new addition would be for myself and my mum. However, we soon decided that it would be nice to have another, so we could hack out together. We only wanted one more, I definitely didn’t want to start collecting.

Yet, what should be a really exciting time, never felt like it. I was terrified of buying the wrong horse. But when I saw the advert for Ellen, I thought I’m going to buy that horse (fingers crossed owner allows me too). I kept reminding myself that we might turn up and she’s nothing like the advert.

I was like a kid at Christmas before we met her, I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to see her so badly. I suppose like seeing that big present under the tree that you just want to open now, rather than waiting until the day. I remember turning the corner, and her rather large head poked out the stable door. I just couldn’t believe the size of her. I’ve ridden and handled big horses before, including over 19 hand shires. But when you get used to just seeing your own horse day in, day out, you forget what is big.

Dolly is a Cob, and she’s over 15 hands. But that isn’t huge. Now Ellen is only 16.2, but the heavies aren’t like a 16.2 Thoroughbred. I describe Ellen as 16.2 all over. She has this huge beautiful head and so much bone.

The moment that convinced me that Ellen was for us, was my mum riding her in the school. She had the biggest smile, and totally loved it. It wasn’t for long, but it was enough to win my mum over.

Ellen has now been with us for six months. We are one hundred percent in love. But it’s amazing how much she has changed, even our opinion of her. For one her coat has gone so much darker. She’s also started to go quite fluffy.

 It’s also the things you learn. We’ve never had a heavy horse before. Dolly; my little blue, eyed baby, is a Cob. She seems to live on thin air.

Ellen’s favourite thing is eating, and we’ve had to adjust feeds. I think she’s looking a really good size, at the moment. I certainly don’t want her to get any chubbier. She’s a big girl, and she doesn’t need that unnecessary, excess weight on her joints.

I love my girlies. But feel free to show me yours too. Have you not long purchased your new baby? What have your horses taught you? We would love to know your stories too.

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