Sponsorship, get yourself noticed!

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It’s something we get asked for, a lot! We always have done. Unfortunately, it is not something we currently offer. But I do think I can help.

I own two horses, I’m fully aware they are time consuming and certainly not cheap. Horse riding is not an easy sport, and I understand that people need support.

Yes, it is true that if you don’t ask you don’t get. But as a business owner, when I get 15 notifications saying someone has just liked 15 of my posts in a minute and then sends me a message asking for sponsorship, I do know that you haven’t actually tried our products or service. Don’t like someone’s Instagram and then message them saying “I love your products”. Hmmm, pretty sure you didn’t even know who I was until a minute ago when you found my page.

When approaching a company for sponsorship, make sure you know their product, you have used it – you can tell them what you appreciate about them. Don’t be generic, stand out! If I read an email saying I love x product because it’s a, b and c, I’m impressed and ready to talk more with you. If you message me and tell me you love my products, be prepared to tell me what you love and why.

Use social media to help you – tag those companies that you purchased your bridle off, tag the company whose boots you ride in. They’ll notice you.

Sponsorship is not about getting yourself some freebies; it’s about helping each other. Yes, that company can help you by providing products you need, but you can help them. If you’re not willing to work with people, and help the business that sponsors you, then there’s no point.

I would be more than happy to read your sponsorship requests for other companies, so please feel free to ask me.

Grab that company’s attention! Tell them what you do love about them. Maybe even show them that you or your horse has used their product.

But also tell them more about you. Do you have any social media? What following do you have? What horses do you have? Do you show jump, event, show etc? Photos of this don’t harm anyone. Promote you and definitely your horses!

It’s hard getting sponsorship, I understand, but honestly don’t just randomly message every business. Send them a message that connects with them.

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