Equestrian Stockholm Autumn/Winter 2019

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Forest Green

Lovely green with golden piping.

Autumn/Winter saw the first head collar sets, fleece rugs, brushing boots and bell boots from Equestrian Stockholm, as well as the new quilting.

This colour was available in a next generation jacket for the rider

and Ear Net, Fleece Bandages, Brushing Boots, Bell Boots, Jump and Dressage Saddle Pads, Head collar set and fleece rug.





Brick Orange

Lovely orange colour with silver and champagne beige piping.


Includes Fleece Jacket

and Ear Net, Fleece Bandages, Head Collar, Fleece Rug, Brushing Boots, Bell Boots and Jump and Dressage Saddle Pads.





Champagne Re-release

Shiny Champagne with gold piping.

This did include new quilting, active performance jacket, brushing boots, bell boots, fleece rug and head collar as well as the previous ear net, fleece bandages and saddle pads.




Midnight Blue

Deep Navy, adding brushing boots, bell boots, fleece rug and head collar set to the range.









Faded Fuchsia

A gorgeous Pink fading into Navy.

Included Ear Bonnet, Jump and Dressage Saddle Pads and Fleece Bandages

Hugely popular!






Olive Re-release

A lovely Olive finished with grey details.

The re-release did feature the new logo, not as in pic.

Included Ear Net, Fleece Bandages and Saddle Pads.









Bordeaux Re-release

Stunning deep red with new additions, fleece rug, head collar set and brushing boots.



Pink Pearl Re-release

Lovely pale pink with grey binding and pearl piping. This included new additions, pink bandages, pink top and brushing boots.

Moroccan Blue Re-release

A beautiful mid blue with grey details. A re-release with new quilting

Purple Gold

Beautiful purple with details in gold. A favourite!

Included jacket, Ear net, fleece bandages and jump and dressage saddle pads.








Black Gold

Black finished with beautiful gold piping.

Included fleece jacket, ear net, saddle pads and fleece bandages



Golden Olive

Olive green with beige edging band and golden piping.

Including knitted polo, fleece bandages, ear bonnet and saddle pads.






Merlot Crystal

Shiny deep red with navy edging band and crystal piping.

First of the metallic style material.

Including Ear Net, Bandages and Saddle Pads








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