Equestrian Stockholm Collection

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Equestrian Stockholm

One of our favourite brands is Equestrian Stockholm. A gorgeous brand offering stunning Horse and Rider fashion pieces. Here we show off every Equestrian Stockholm set.



A deep rich Green finished with beige binding and white piping. This was one of the main colours for Spring 2020. There were also matching boots, as well as a Knitted polo and Jacket for riders.

A very similar colour to Emerald.

Re-released Spring 2021.




Black Edition


A 2015 release, Black edition is now part of Equestrian Stockholm’s core collection.

Classy shiny black finished with white and black piping.

Re-released in April 2021 with matching brushing and bell boots and top.








Black Edition Gold

This October 2019 release saw Black upgraded with gorgeous Gold piping.

Available in pony and full. Re-released 2020.








Beautiful Bordeaux was originally released in Autumn 2018.

However it has been re-released many times including with the new quilting and Equestrian Stockholm have added many items to the range including: Competition Jacket, Dog Collar, Fleece Rug, Brushing Boots, Overreach boots, Champion Shirt, Socks, Hat, and Head Collar set.






Brick Orange

A bright orange with champagne details.

This was one of the first to have the new Equestrian Stockholm quilting, and one of the first colours to have matching head collar, fleece rug and boots.

Released in Autumn 2019.



Bronze Gold

A beautiful deep orange with champagne and gold details. Released October 2021 with saddle pads, bonnets, bandages, dog accessories, knitted polo, brushing boots, bell boots and head collar sets. A really good autumn colour.





Released back in 2016, this beauty had a stunning matching jacket and was matched with navy blue.

This was re-released back in 2018.





Released in 2016, this beauty was re-released in 2019 with matching head collar set, fleece rug and boots.





Champagne No Boundaries

Another 2016 release, Champagne no boundaries added the patent look to the earlier released Champagne.











A lovely chocolate brown pad with smaller quilting. Another released in 2016.







Crystal Grey

This beauty was another very popular design and sold quickly. Definitely one that is hard to find.

Released as a stores only collection in April 2020.

Crystal Grey had matching grey ear bonnet and bandages, and was made of a different material with a slightly different texture to the standard collection. Re-released late 2020.





Dark Sky

This stunner was the last new release for the Autumn 2020 Collection. It was the first Equestrian Stockholm set to have Rose Gold details. It included Saddle Pads, matching bonnet, bandages, jacket, gilet and head collar set. Re-released Spring 2021. Matching brushing boots, fleece rug, exercise rug and coat released late 2021.

Deep Brown Bordeaux

A gorgeous rich chocolate colour finished with Bordeaux binding. Such an underrated colour, originally released with Bordeaux in Autumn 2018.

Matching brown bonnet and bandages were also available, and colour could be matched with Bordeaux jacket, or Bordeaux bonnet and bandages.







Deep Olivine

Gorgeous deep olive, darker than Golden Olive and Spring Olive. Released April 2021. Included cap, jacket, socks, saddle pads, brushing boots, bell boots, bandages, head collar sets and ear bonnet. First release where Cob Dressage pad was the same shape as the Full size version. Re-released late 2021 with matching base layer.

Desert Rose

One of our favourites, a lush beige with pink binding and a beige piping that had a lovely rose gold thread running through it. This was a small release with only saddle pads, bonnets and bandages available, this was released with a pink shirt.


Dusty Pink

A lovely Grey Pink Combo. Matching bonnet and bandages were part of the collection originally released in 2016 and re-released in 2018.






A hugely popular colour, originally released in 2016 it was re-released in 2018 with Emerald rather than navy bandages

A lovely true emerald, re-released autumn 2020 and again spring 2021.






Faded Fuchsia

The first two tone pad released by Equestrian Stockholm, this was available from September 2019.

It was and still is hugely popular, it will not be surprising if Equestrian Stockholm release a similar one in the future, matching bonnet and bandages were also available. Re-released autumn 2020.


First Choice

Another 2016 release, this was a jump pad and bonnet only release.

A lovely white pad paired with navy and red details.









Forest Green

Gorgeous hunter green finished with gold piping and logo. One of the main colours of the Autumn collection 2019. Had matching pads, bonnet, bandages, boots, jacket, head collar set and fleece rug.

Was also one of the first pads to have the new Equestrian Stockholm quilting.





Golden Brass

A stunning brass/gold colour finished with black details.

This beauty was released in September 2017, and was the first collection we had at Elite Equestrian.

Matching bonnet, bandages and jacket. Has been re-released.







Golden Brown

A beautiful Chocolate shade finished with champagne binding.

Golden Brown is a core colour now but was originally released in 2015.









Golden Olive

One of our favourites, released in November 2019. Golden Olive saw Olive upgraded with a champagne binding and gold piping. A true stunner!

This also had a matching knitted polo.




A rich red paired with navy binding, matching navy bonnet and bright red bandages were also released as a Spring 2019 colour.




Grey Bordeaux


Grey Bordeaux was released in March 2020 with White Bordeaux and Rose Breeze. All three featured a new logo for the first time.

This was available in pony and full size.







Ice Blue

This light blue beauty was released with Pistage back in 2017, and re-released early 2019 with a matching jacket, pearl piping and new matching bandages instead of the previously grey ones.

Re-released Summer 2021 with a matching top.









Hugely popular, if not Equestrian Stockholm’s most popular release. Lavender is a lush pale purple finished with a deep purple binding. Ears and bandages to match are more of the deep purple colour though.

This combination was originally released in the summer of 2019 and it was crazily popular, Equestrian Stockholm released more later that summer and then again in May 2020 with the newer quilting.



Leather Deluxe

A truly stunning pad, very similar to one of Equestrian Stockholm’s 2014 originals but this was released in the summer of 2017.








Leather Pads

These faux leather pads were released in late 2017 in Black and Brown.







Matt Harnacke Collection

Lovely Beige and Dark Brown combo, was only available from Equestrian Stockholm directly and was released December 2019










Merlot Crystal

The first set that Equestrian Stockholm did with this new material and crystal piping.

A gorgeous merlot finished with navy binding. Matching ears and bandages were available, released in November 2019 and re-released January 2021.




Midnight Blue

One of Equestrian Stockholm’s first releases and forms part of their core line.

A deep navy blue, this has been re-released with the new quilting and the range has been extended offering Competition Jackets, fleece rugs, boots and head collar sets.




Midnight with White Edge

A stunning navy blue with classy white binding. Released as a jump pad in 2017, this was re-released in autumn 2018 with a matching bonnet and dressage pad.







A lovely silvery grey paired with navy blue. This was a very limited edition and was only available from Equestrian Stockholm directly in summer 2019.








Monaco Blue

A stunning release in September 2021. A beautiful blue shade with navy and rose gold details. This had a matching performance jacket, top, brushing boots, bell boots, bandages, bonnets, dog accessories, head collars, fleece rugs and for the first time an exercise sheet. One of Equestrian Stockholm’s most popular releases.



Moroccan Blue

A unique blue, not as bright as Sapphire. A mid blue finished with grey details.

Originally released in January 2019, it was later re-released in Winter 2019 with the newer quilting style. As you can see there was also a beautiful matching jacket.






No Boundaries Black

A stunning black finished with the leather/patent look. Another one of Equestrian Stockholm’s first designs









No Boundaries Grey

Stunning 2016 release adding the patent/leather look to beautiful grey. Matching bonnet and bandages were also released.







No Boundaries Monaco Blue

This stunning set was released in November 2021. Matching blue to the original Monaco Blue with navy PU Leather and Rose Gold logo. Matching jacket and bonnet also released, but bandages, fleece rug, exercise rug, head collar set, brushing and bell boots from Monaco Blue matched.


No Boundaries Olive

Also released in Spring 2018 with Olive, this had matching deep brown bandages and could be paired with either a brown or olive bonnet.








No Boundaries Silver Cloud

 Gorgeous No Boundaries Silver Cloud released Spring 2021. Perfect match to the earlier Silver Cloud with black leather details. Released with a Silver Cloud shirt and matching bandages and bonnet, but could be paired with the Silver Cloud Boots and head collar set.



No Boundaries White

This lovely saddle pad was one of Equestrian Stockholm’s first designs back in 2014.

They re-released in 2016 with matching fleece bandages and it has been released again since.





Olive or Spring Olive was the main colour released in Spring 2018, alongside Olive No Boundaries.

A matching jacket was also part of the set, and it was later re-released in Autumn 2019 with the new Equestrian Stockholm Quilting.








Orchid Bloom

Orchid Bloom was the first Autumn Colour releases in September 2021. A gorgeous pale purple with lilac/champagne details. This has matching shirt, soft-shell jacket, bonnets, bandages, fleece rugs, head collars, brushing boots, bell boots and dog accessories. A different shade to previously released purples.

Parisian Blue

A beautiful light blue with white binding and silver piping. Matching Jacket, bonnet, bandages, boots and head collar set. One of the first two colours released for Spring 2021.








Pink Crystal

Gorgeous Pink Crystal released October 2021. Same pink base as Pink Pearl and Pink. Could mix and match with other pink accessories. Had matching bonnets and bandages but could use pink rider wear and brushing boots etc to match. Binding was similar material to crystal grey and had crystal piping.

Pink/Pink Pearl

A lovely pale shade of Pink. Pink and Pink Pearl were the opposite colour combination of Dusty Pink.

Originally paired with the dusty pink bonnet and bandages, Equestrian Stockholm later released many matching items including full pink bonnet, bandages, shirt, socks and brushing boots.

Pink Pearl was introduced in Spring 2018 updating the standard pink (released 2016) with a row of pearl piping rather than pink. Pink Pearl has been re-released many times including with the newer quilting style.

Matching Pink Fleece Rug and Head Collar Set released October 2020. A Pink knitted polo was released late 2021.


Pistachio White


Lovely Green paired with a white binding. This colour had matching Bonnet, Bandages, Saddle Pads and UV Top for the rider.

Originally released in April 2020, and was the first pad to be released by Equestrian Stockholm with bamboo lining.

Re released summer 2021 with a matching short sleeve shirt.









Originally released in 2017, a pale green it had a grey binding, it was re-released in 2019 with matching binding, bonnet and bandages.











Plum or Deep Plum was a stunner, I believe slightly lighter than Purple Gold. This was released in Autumn 2017 and had matching grey bandages and ear bonnet with a plum jacket.

It was re-released in 2019 with matching bandages




Purple Gold

Another favourite, this colour has been hugely popular!

Different to Plum and Merlot Crystal, this gorgeous purple worked so well with a navy binding and gold piping.

Released alongside Black Gold in 2019.


Purple White

Released in August 2020. Gorgeous purple with white binding and piping. The beginning of Equestrian Stockholm’s Autumn Collection for 2020 alongside Winter Rose. Pads, bandages, ears and the beautiful champion top available.




Rose Breeze

Released in March 2020 it was one of the first pads to feature the new Equestrian Stockholm badge.

A gorgeous peachy pink with grey details.





Royal Classic

Originally released in 2015, Royal classic is a favourite of Equestrian Stockholm’s and remains part of their core line.

A lovely darker blue paired with brown and gold.









Equestrian Stockholm Sapphire Saddle Pad Fleece BandagesA stunning royal blue finished with white binding. This was originally released in 2016 and was only available in Jump with a matching Bonnet. Later re-released in Summer 2019 with matching fleece bandages and a Dressage Pad, it was then re-released again in June 2020 with the new Equestrian Stockholm Quilting. This is a unique pad though, as it has always been a cotton pad and not the usual shiny material





Silver Brown

A brown Jump pad released with matching bonnet in 2015.

Finished with navy and silver details




Silver Cloud

Beautiful Grey, not as dark as Dark Sky. Finished with White binding and grey piping with silver thread running through. Matching bonnet, jacket, head collar set with teddy fleece completely covering nose band, bandages and hugely popular boots. Released early 2021 alongside Parisian Blue.

Soft Lemon

A gorgeous lemon yellow, perfect for spring released in May 2021. Included Ear Bonnet, Saddle Pads, Bandages and matching shirt.


Steel Blue

A lovely shade of blue, not as pale as Ice Blue finished with Grey binding. One of the main colours from Spring 2020.

Also available was a matching Jacket, UV Top and Boots.



Steel Grey

A lovely all grey pad, released with matching bonnet and bandages and a stunning jacket. Released in 2017 with Golden Brass and has been re-released.









Sweden Nation

A Navy and White saddle pad range with the Swedish flag in place of the Equestrian Stockholm logo.








White Perfection Bordeaux

Another beautiful competition pad, white finished with a Bordeaux binding and new logo. Released March 2020 after Equestrian Stockholm released a Bordeaux competition jacket.








White Perfection Gold

All in the detail with the competition pads, you have to love the gold detail.








White Perfection Navy

A fantastic competition pad, this lovely dressage pad features navy and silver details.

Another originally released in 2015 and part of Equestrian Stockholm’s Core line.







White Perfection Silver

A gorgeous Dressage pad, White Perfection Silver gives you another selection with the above three for your perfect competition pad.











Winter Rose

Lovely pink with grey details. Darker than Rose Breeze and with the standard logo. A Dressage and Jump pad released with bonnet, bandages, bell boots, jacket and brushing boots. Released August 2020.

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